Pinnacle Social Impact | Consultancy


  • Review existing programs or establish new ones
  • Program design, planning, and implementation
  • Narrative for storytelling, campaigns, and reporting
  • Cultivate key partnerships, leadership buy-in, community support

Corporate Consultancy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program

  • Signature CSR programs that effectively leverage core competencies to address key social issues and elevate communities.
  • Strategic corporate-nonprofit partnerships that work and bring about social change and improvements.
  • Corporate leadership engagement and nonprofit board training.

Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) projects

  • Strategies to improve CRA ratings by regulators and CSR recognition from Dow Jones Sustainability Index, CECP, Boston College, Philanthropy NY and diversity & inclusion publications.

Non Profit Consultancy

Coaching – New Board Chairs

  • Roles & responsibilities,
  • Engaging board members,
  • Working with ED & stakeholders

Coaching – Board Capacity Building

  •  Effective board roles and responsibilities
  •  Fundraising
  •  Onboarding for new board members
  •  New board member search and recruitment
  •  Working with executive director

Individual Philanthropy

  • Passion & interest Discovery
  • Research
  • Matching to causes
  • Training and education for family office